Big Eye 24” Fresnel lens (for Joker 200/400/800/Tungsten Bug)

K 5600 Big Eye Fresnel accessory for the Joker line (200/400/800) & Tungsten Bug (1kw) lighting fixtures. Choose lamp head separately!  The Big Eye is the first and only 24” polymer Fresnel lens that accepts interchangeable light sources, folds small, and sets up quickly.

The Big Eye Fresnel lens gives you the ability to create the same light patterns as a traditional 18K Fresnel, but with smaller sources.  Your Joker/Tungsten Bug can focus back to front and create a 10 degree narrow spot beam to a 60 degree wide flood.

While the large source of the Big Eye is directional, it gives a very nice compromise between a totally soft, shadowless light and a hard light; it combines both, like the natural effect of sunlight coming from a large window.

The Big Eye Fresnel Kit comes complete with 24” Fresnel Lens and structure, light center adapters for the 200W, 400W and 800W Jokers, Reflector, Black Skirt, and Transport Bag.  The kit weighs 9kg, and folds down flat. 

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