Creamsource Vortex8 / 650W RGBW

The Vortex8 features a massive 14,000 lux in daylight at 3m, a color temperature range of 2200 to 15,000K, full RGBW spectrum LEDs, full hue/saturation control, 0 to 100% dimming control, and a CRI/TLCI of 95. IP65 weather resistant.

The RGB LED panel features a solid design with a built-in power supply. Tight beam angle of 20°. CreamOS provides full configuration of color, temperature, digital gels, and effects. The front of the frame features a quick release mount that allows you to drop in a gel, the included diffuser panel, a honeycomb, or other accessories.

5-pin DMX in and out, LumenRadio Timo Two, Bluetooth & Ethernet. Vortex8 can be synced with slow-motion cameras to match their frame rate in high speeds up to 5000 fps.

Vortex8 set includes: Yoke, Dome Diffuser, Flat Diffuser & SnapGrid 40°.

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