Fiilex Q5 / 180W RGBW Fresnel

Fiilex Q5 / 180W RGBW Fresnel led light

-High-CRI white light in CCT mode (2000-10,000K)
-Additional 8- and 16-bit color modes (RGBW, Effects, HSI, Gel Presets, CCT+RGBW, CCT+HSI, etc.)
-12-55° spot/flood range with no optical aberrations
-Barndoors cut clean with no color splitting
-Dims from 0-100% without flicker or color shift
-Battery option (Double V-lock mount OR 24V block battery / 24V V-lock battery)
-Smooth and sharp dimming modes
-Three fan speed modes (full, variable, silent)
-Removable Fresnel for wider throw/softbox compatibility
-IP-24 water resistant
-5p DMX Connection
-Fixture size: 33 x 28 x 44 cm. Fixture weight (without power supply): 3.31 kg


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