Lightstar LUXED-9 LED / 1620W

Lightstar LUXED-9 multifunction Bi-Color 1620W LED light.

High quality light output, CRI: ≥95 ·TLCI: ≥96, adjustable brightness 0-100%. 2,800K-6,500k color temperature. Ultra low noise. Strobe: 1Hz-50Hz. Built-in LumenRadio & DMX512. Separate ballast can be attached to lamp. The Luxed is one of the most powerful LED lights that can be powered directly by household AC power. The Luxed is 2-4x (depending on used panel/lens & color temperature) brighter than Skypanel S360.

Dimensions: 1256 x 216 x 1218mm, weight: 35kg. Raincover included.

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