Misfit Atom 15mm / Clip-on Ø 114mm

Ultra Lightweight 2 Stage matte box is designed to push the definition of a lightweight matte box and was specifically conceived for Gimbal and Steadicam use.

• Lightest fully functional matte box in the market, weighing a mere 98 grams and 195 grams with the rubber shade
• Can hold two 4×5.65″ or 4×4 filters or a combination of both. Although we do recommend only using one filter at a time, to prevent possible scratches on the filters, that might occur if something finds its way between the filters.
• Designed to fit 114mm lenses and smaller lenses with clamp-on & threaded donut rings.

15mm LW support & Carbon fibre top flag included.

Please select Clamp adapter or Threaded Donut Ring if needed.

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