Schoeps CCM 41L P12 / P48 microphone, Supercardioid

Supercardioid with highly consistent directionality throughout its frequency range for music and speech.

The CCM 41 is strongly directional. Sound arriving from off axis is attenuated even more than with a cardioid. The pickup is “drier” and less susceptible to acoustic feedback than any other SCHOEPS microphone type (a loudspeaker should not be located directly along the rear axis of the microphone, however).

Its directivity is highly independent of frequency, so that even sounds arriving off axis and reverberant sound are registered without coloration. Consequently, even distant placement of the capsule produces a very natural sound pickup. This is a real advantage over interference-tube “shotgun” microphones, whose directivity is very frequency-dependent – exceeding that of a supercardioid only at higher frequencies. Interference-tube microphones are notoriously sensitive to their position in a room, where the shifting patterns of reflections cause corresponding shifts in sound color.

Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %)
– 136 dB-SPL (P48)
– 128 dB-SPL (P12)
Maximum output voltage
– 2,6 V (8,3 dbV) with 2 kΩ load
Low cut filter
– 20 Hz, 12 dB/Okt.
Output impedance
– 90 Ω @ 1 kHz
Maximum cable length
> 400m
– No
Powering standard / Valid range
– P48 / >40 V
– P12 / >10 V
Current consumption
– 4 mA (P48)
– 3,6 mA (P12)
Minimum recommended load impedance
– 2 kΩ
– Lemo (CCM-L) or XLR-3M (CCM-K),
analog, 1 channel
– 46 mm (CCM-L)
– 20 mm
– 45 g (CCM-L)
Surface finish
– matte gray

The K 5 LU is the adapter cable from the Lemo output connector of the CCM-L Compact Microphones to XLR-3M. Lenght 5 m. Cable is included with the kit.

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