Sennheiser G3 Wireless SET w/ MKE2-EW Mic, Freq. range 566-608 MHz

The Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 SET includes a Camera-Mountable Receiver, Bodypack Transmitter & short XLR cable for the camera / recorder. If you want to record into a DSLR camera with a 3,5mm mic input, please select the Sennheiser Miniplug cable (not included). MKE2-EW GOLD Microphone has an Omnidirectional Polar Pattern. Its sub-miniature profile enables the microphone to be used on stage or on camera while remaining inconspicuous. Gold series models are designed for broadcast and theater application. A reduced sensitivity (6.3mV / PA) enables high SPL and lower distortion. Additional sweat protection resists moisture from perspiration and moisture. The result minimizes handling noise caused by clothing, while providing accurate, transparent audio fidelity without noise. The MKE 2 is widely favored for its superior audio quality and miniature profile. Metal & Furry winsdcreens included.

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