Steadiseg Kit

Hands-free operated Steadiseg is ideal for DoPs and camera operators with handheld camera, steadicam or other gimbal apparatus when a rickshaw is not enough, but an all terrain vehicle (ATV) is too much.
With off-road tires you can effortlessly climb up the hill, chase cyclists or ride smoothly on unpaved roads, and the indoor tires make the tight turns on-set with narrower wheel span.

Top speed: 20kmh (12mph)
Max payload: 120kg (265lb) including the operator and the gear
Battery operating range: 20km (12 miles) with the x2 Turf outdoor tires, 40km (24 miles) with the i2 indoor tires
Battery recharging time from empty: 8 hrs
Temperature range: 0°C – 50°C (32°F – 122°C)

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