Voigtländer Zoomar 36-82mm T3.1 – Ø136mm

Rehoused Voigtländer Zoomar 36-82mm T3.1. This is one of the oldest zooms ever designed for commercial still photography for the 135 format (Full Frame 36x24mm). It was released in 1959, and was incredibly advanced for its time.

The images are impressive, even by today’s standards. Complete control of chromatic aberrations displays the genius of Dr. Back’s work. The warm flares are pronounced yet pleasant in a way only vintage glass can render. Focus sharp in the center with a medium amount of fall off in the corners. Bokeh is pleasant and smooth. Barreld distortion on the wide end and pin cushion distortion on the long end are balanced well.

Close Focus: 0.83m. Coverage: Full frame. Front Diameter: 136mm. Length: 165mm. Weight: 3.7kg. 15/19mm lens support included.

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