Cinela Cosi XS-19 lightweight suspension/windjammer for 4018C, outdoor use

dpa 4018C Cinela Cosi supension and windjammer bundle
Optimal on-axis response
Smooth pickup of off-axis sound; diffuse-field frequency response rolls off gently above 2 kHz
Very lightweight and robust; ideal for use on a boom
Light Weight 192g and compact 13cm windshield/suspension solution

The Cinela Cosi Modular Windshield is a new lightweight fur windshield designed for use in light to moderate wind speeds. For strong winds, it is recommended using a full basket windshield solution, such as the Piano & Pianissimo.

Rumble Filtering:
As any other suspension/windshield, COSI needs the use of a good rumble filter (Very low end handling noise). Typically 50/70 Hz with a +18dB/oct slope (3rd order filter).

Many mixers/recorders only offers +12dB/oct filters (2nd order). Then it may be a little compromise.

Avoid microphones with +6dB/oct filters (1st order).

Many microphones are very rich in the Low End (MKH8000 or DPA with C preamp). These ones need a high slope filter.

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