Technical Crew

Kinos crew service is available for our frequent customers renting equipment from us. Let us know your requirements and we will help you find the best available person for the job. We have a vast pool of in-house crew & freelancers that we cooperate with on regular basis.

Gaffers, Grips, Camera assistants, Steadycam and Gimbal Operators, Dit/Data wranglers, Sound Recordists and many more.

To book any crew, please call us or email:

Kinoslive – Remote Off-Set Monitoring

A remote off-set monitoring and collaboration tool for the film and TV industry.

Working remotely can save time and money, since not all crew and clients are required to travel to shooting locations. It can, however, be tricky to get everyone to install the same communication tools and stream viewing applications. To make this as simple as possible, we’ve developed Kinoslive.


  1. Connect the camera feed into the streaming encoder on set and power it up—your stream is live!
  2. Log into Kinoslive with your computer and start collaborating from anywhere!

The user interface features:

Camera Feed

Secure high-quality low latency video stream from the main camera. The stream is what you would typically see at the video village or on a client monitor.

Set Cam (Extra feature)

Real-time video from the set to give you a better overall understanding of what is happening. A lightweight set cam unit is mounted on a C-stand for easy maneuvering.

Video Communication

Secure real-time video communication between all participants with a screen-sharing option.

Live Chat

Text chat and file sharing.


450€/day + 24% VAT for single camera feed and up to 25 users
*Kinos does not provide an internet connection outside the Finnish LTE/4G mobile coverage area. When using Kinoslive outside of this area, the customer must provide an internet connection.

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