Logmar Super 8 Camera / C-Mount

The super rare Logmar s-8 (Chatham) camera was manufactured in a limited production run of 50pcs in 2015 (first Super 8mm camera built in 30 years).
It is the best performing camera ever build for the format. It’s razor sharp pin registration, extended gate and pressure plate pushed the Super8 format beyond its tiny frame and gave an appearance of Super16 for the first time in history. It’s not only built to be a solid 8mm camera, but to rival professional 16mm cameras as well.

It also features a new film feeding mechanism and control unit with technology that didn’t exist when Super 8 cameras were being manufactured, which solves some of the “bounce” issues typical of 8mm filmmaking: the camera uses standard Kodak film cassettes, however the film is brought out of the cassette and into the widened gate with integrated pressure plate and pin registration, which completely freezes the film during exposure to make sure the bouncing never occurs which is a typical trademark of older super-8 cameras. The camera has a Maxon D.C. motor, the same used in the Mars Rover, for the camera, which means that its precision is extremely high (while keeping motor noise low).

• Built in light meter
• Programmable frame rates: 16fps to 38fps, including 23.976fps for NTSC compatibility (with crystal phase-locked-loop synchronization)
• Remote controllable via WiFi: the camera creates its own hotspot and is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
• Exchangeable lenses via C-Mount
• External monitor acts as both viewfinder and camera status display
• Phase Advance feature: to increment the phase if you want to interlock the camera with a TV or fluorescent light for example to remove shutter bars typically seen
• Runs on 7.2V video camera batteries

More info: https://www.filmkorn.org/sensational-a-new-super-8-camera-from-denmark/

User manual: https://www.logmar.dk/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Digicanical-S8-UG.pdf

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