eMotimo Spectrum ST4 / Motion Control Head

The eMotimo spectrum is a motion control pan and tilt head. Spectrum is an easy to use and advanced 4-axis motion controller for cinematography and photography. 9 individual keyframes for programming shots. Completely repeatable for VFX shots. Smooth built-in ramp with smooth starts & stops. Interview “Ping-pong” mode and Timelapse-mode.

Movement: Pan, Tilt, and 2 additional powered ports (4 unique axis of movement)
Size: 22 x 22 x 12,7cm
Weight: 2kg
Supports: 5,4kg (video), 6,8kg (timelapse)
Max Pan speed: 120 degrees/second
Max Tilt speed: 60 degrees/second

Power: Included V-lock battery or power supply.

Includes also three DSLR camera trigger cables: CL-N3 (most Canon cameras), CL-DC0 (Many Nikon & Fujifilm cameras), CL-S2 (Many Sony cameras).


Please select Half ball (150 or 100mm) if you wish to mount Spectrum onto a Tripod / Jib / Dana Dolly.

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